For Immediate Release: June 4, 2014

White Fields Education Foundation
423 W 800 South Suite A110
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

White Fields Educational Foundation Joins Forces with PostMormon.org

Salt Lake City, UT: White Fields Educational Foundation announced today that they have merged with PostMormon.org, a rapidly growing community of families and individuals who have voluntarily left Mormonism.

The merger will bring together two organizations that are dedicated to helping individuals with healthy religious transitions.

“By combining these two organizations we will be able to work together to better establish the local networks of Post Mormon communities by chartering and working with local leaders, give direction to world-wide communities, and to help with advertising and outreach,” John Larsen, Executive Director of White Fields Educational Foundation, said.

PostMormon.org will maintain its strong online presence and dedication to local support of people who are leaving or are considering leaving the Mormon church. Through the development of a safe and supportive community, PostMormon.org aids people struggling with a religious disruption.

“I’m very pleased to have joined forces with John Larsen and the White Fields team,” said Jeff Ricks, Director of PostMormon.org. “I feel the combination will enable our organizations to achieve much more working together than would otherwise be possible working separately.”

By combining resources, these organizations will be better equipped to provide training, legal and financial support, and materials to groups throughout the world.

“One of the difficulties in transitions from religion arises because religion dominates many aspects of our lives. Religious believers are often unaware of resources available outside their former faith. Sometimes, personal development in areas such as education, socialization, or quality of life have been stunted by the demands and structures of the faith,” Larsen said.

“White Fields is really about helping people who have left a fundamentalist religion make a smooth transition through counseling, education, and community. We don’t advocate any specific religion, but provide alternatives to people who are looking for ways to successfully negotiate a religious change,” he said.