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July 30, 2015

For Immediate Release
Salt Lake City, UT
Contact: Alison Udall
Phone: (406) 224-5873
Email: mormonspectrum@gmail.com
New Website Seeks to Connect a Spectrum of Mormons to Resources and Community
Summary: MormonSpectrum.org is a new content aggregation website that seeks to link Mormons of various perspectives to resources and communities across the world. The site will provide categorized links to Mormon Facebook groups, websites, organizations, blogs, and most importantly a global map directory of in-person regional communities for a broad spectrum of Mormons.

MormonSpectrum.org will be launching and providing a live demonstration of the public beta of its website (http://www.mormonspectrum.org/) during the 2015 Salt Lake Sunstone Symposium from July 30 – August 1, 2015 (https://www.sunstonemagazine.com/symposium/).

The LDS/Mormon religious community is experiencing an amazing transformation. What once might have seemed to be a rigid, insular, provincial religious movement has over the past 60 years blossomed into a vibrant, diverse community that crosses a broad spectrum of people and cultures around the world. This transformation has accelerated remarkably during recent years due to the Internet’s ability to provide Mormons with a vast network of resources, information and online communities. While this newfound access has allowed many members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to strengthen and deepen their connection to the Church and the Gospel, it has also introduced many Mormons to historical information as well as new ideologies and perspectives that have challenged their faith and religious perspectives.
Today there are Mormons who subscribe to a diverse plurality of beliefs, perspectives and connections to the LDS Church and Mormonism. As the landscape of Mormonism continues to change and progress, there is an increasing need for supplementation and often replacement of the resources, experiences and communities that the LDS Church has historically provided. Many who have challenging questions, experience doubts, or have lost their faith, experience isolation from their family and religious community. They find it difficult to find answers and resources from local leadership or from official church venues — and are often called to repentance.

For Mormons who are in a faith transition or departing from orthodoxy, MormonSpectrum.org provides a vast compendium of websites, blogs, podcasts, organizations, and online communities. These resources have been categorized into four general religious perspectives: “Orthodox,” “Exploring,” “Unorthodox,” and “Post/Ex.” Additionally, MormonSpectrum.org provides links to LDS apologetic resources.
The website will also feature an intuitive map directory that will allow Mormons to find in-person regional communities near them all over the world to supplement or replace their wards and stakes. We feel that this will be the most important feature of the website, because often these regional communities provide deep, authentic friendships, as well as vital networks of support that ease the pain and trauma that often accompanies faith transitions.


Monthly Amicable Divorce Support Group

3rd Sunday of Each Month at 2pm
White Fields Community Center
423 W 800 South, Salt Lake City Utah

The White Fields Educational Foundation will be hosting a monthly support group for those who are dealing with the issues of divorce in their life. This group aims to provide positive support and direction towards amicable divorce and rebuilding families. All are welcome to attend regardless of marital status.