About us

What We Do

The mission of the White Fields Educational Foundation is to assist individuals as they navigate religious transition.

This mission is accomplished through our four areas of focus:

  1. Media: By encouraging and funding the creation of creative media that helps individuals deconstruct, understand, and contextualize their former faith paradigms from a secular point of view.
  2. Counseling: By sponsoring and providing access to professional services to aid in a healthy world views.
  3. Community: By helping to build positive social support networks.
  4. Scholarship:  By supporting the creation of scholarly materials concerning the psychology, history and methodologies of religion.

Who We Are


White Fields Educational Foundation is incorporated in the state of Utah as a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity. The Employer ID Number (EIN) is: 45-2682953.

Board of Directors

White Fields is managed by a five person Board of Directors (BoD). The BoD is responsible for the legal governance of the corporation. The BoD is:

  • John Larsen, Executive Director
  • Rich Rasmussen, Board Member
  • Troy Olson, Board Member
  • Zilpha Larsen, Board Member
  • Christian Andersen Board Member

Executive Director

John Larsen

Director of Counseling Service

Lindsay Park

Advisory Council