Counseling Services

White Fields Education Foundation supports a number of therapeutic services for those experiencing a disruption in faith or faith identity.

Donations & Support

All counseling service are provide for as low cost as possible, but they are not free. The therapists are each paid for their time and there is cost associated with maintaining the facilities where sessions are conducted. Many of those who need these service do not have the means to pay even at the low cost we offer.

You can help by donating directly to our counseling services fund. All donations go directly to supporting counseling services and administration costs. These funds are used to provide discounted or free services to those who need them. Please consider a donation today.

Group Workshop Sessions

White Fields sponsors clinician lead therapy sessions to help individuals in a group setting. To get more information on group session or to register contact us directly.

If you have registered, you can pay for your sessions here:

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Mixed-Faith Couples Workshop

Partners who share a life but different faith identities can often struggle on how to navigate difficult issues surrounding their faith or religious lifestyles. This workshop is designed to facilitate a neutral environment where both partners feel validated and safe in order to explore tools to help strengthen the relationship.


Faith Identity Group

A faith identity disruption occurs when one experiences questions, doubts or concerns regarding one’s faith. A disruption in faith identity can result in questions concerning purpose and meaning, accompanied by feelings of sadness, confusion, fear, or even grief and loss. Issues related to faith identity can also create significant stressors in our family, friend, and community relationships.

This group is for individuals who have connections to Mormonism (Mormon, Ex-Mormon, Active, Inactive, etc.) and are experiencing inner and/or interpersonal conflict(s) in relation to their faith identity. Group members are provided with a safe space to discuss concerns related to their faith identity and explore strategies for coping with any associated stressors.

Women’s Therapy Group: Navigating Religious Change

This group will focus on helping women who are finding themselves disaffected with religion, restructuring their religious perspectives, or leaving religion altogether. It will foster a health-based approach to living, addressing both the emotional and mental experiences of navigating religious change. Topics such as appropriate boundary setting, assertiveness, working with common thinking distortions, the grieving process, and rebuilding a healthy life will be addressed.

It is an 8-week group, consisting of 10-12 members. The group is led by a Licensed Therapist, and will be fully confidential.


Contact for more info or to reserve a spot.

Recommended Therapists

A listing of therapists that specialize in issues surrounding religious transition. Please consult with the individual to determine if their approach is right for you.