A Bibliography of Nyaya Philosophy by Krishna Chakraborty Banguly (ed)

By Krishna Chakraborty Banguly (ed)

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Bombay, Nirnaya Sägara Press, 1911, pp. [3], 212p. 28 x 19 cm. Source : India Office Library Catalogue, London, Vyutpattiväda. with comm. cJayä' ed. by Jayadeva Tvii^ra & Umesa Misra.. 3rd eda 1953. Vyutpattiväda. With a commentary styled Güdhärtha-tattväloka by Dharmadatta Jhä (Bachchä Jhä). Edited by Hari-Räja and Harinätha of Chhata and RamäPati Misra of Panicha) Bombay, [1911] pp. 1,212. Source : British Museum, London. * Vyutpattivädah, 1913, with the comm, of Sudarsana Äcärya. Bom- Vyutpattiväda.

Gangesa Upädhyäya—contd. ^Savyabhicära Prakaranam. [Ä work on the Navya Nyäya system of philosophy] With the comm. Didhiti, GädädharT, vivrti, manoramä and Kalisankarl. Benaies, 1940. 22 cm- (Master Manimälä Series, No, 135). Source : National Library9 Calcutta. Savyabhicära-prakaranam. ed. by Vämäcarana Nyäyäcarya. Käsi 1940. Source: Sanskrit Sähitya Parishat, Calcutta. Sannikarasaväda. MSS. Satpratipaksa with comm, by Tattvacin+ämani Gadädhara, by Gangesa and 'Didhiti' by Raghunätha 'Viläsinf by Jväläprasäd Gauda.

20, l33pe 22cm. A. Siddhantalaksanam with Didhiti, JägadiSl & Laksmi tika by Divyänanda. Edited by Jwalä Prasäd Dwivedl. Väränasi, Bharatiya Vidyä Prakäsa, i970. 16, 308p. 23cm. A. Gadädhara Bhattäcärya Äkhyätaväda. MSS (Ref. available from Vängälir Särasvta Avadän pt. I Vaftge Navya Nyäya Carcä. Calcutta, Vanglya Sähitya Parishat, 1358. Anumänacintämani Didhiti tikä. MSS Anumänakhandaükä. MSS Anumänalokatikä. MSS (Ref. available from Vängälir Särasvta Avadän, pt. I Vange Navya Nyäya Carcä- Calcutta, VaAgiya Sähitya Parishat, 1358.

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