A Glossary of Semantics and Pragmatics by Alan Cruse

By Alan Cruse

This easy-to-use advisor illuminates key innovations and phrases in semantics and pragmatics and the research of which means because it is conveyed via language.

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Neuromimetic Semantics: Coordination, Quantification, and Collective Predicates

This ebook makes an attempt to marry truth-conditional semantics with cognitive linguistics within the church of computational neuroscience. To this finish, it examines the truth-conditional meanings of coordinators, quantifiers, and collective predicates as neurophysiological phenomena which are amenable to a neurocomputational research.

Journal on Data Semantics XI

The LNCS magazine on facts Semantics is dedicated to the presentation of outstanding paintings that, in a single approach or one other, addresses examine and improvement on concerns on the topic of info semantics. The scope of the magazine levels from theories assisting the formal definition of semantic content material to cutting edge domain-specific purposes of semantic wisdom.

Analysing Professional Genres

An figuring out of genres in communique (written and spoken) is vital to expert luck. This quantity stories situationally acceptable responses in specialist verbal exchange in face-to-face interplay and distance conversation, from a socio-cognitive standpoint. a standard rhetorical technique doesn't provide a lot perception within the ways that genres are embedded in communicative task or how actors draw upon style wisdom to accomplish successfully.

Metasemantics: New Essays on the Foundations of Meaning

Metasemantics contains new paintings at the philosophical foundations of linguistic semantics, by means of a various crew of validated and rising specialists within the philosophy of language, metaphysics, and the idea of content material. The technological know-how of semantics aspires to systematically specify the meanings of linguistic expressions in context.

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They belong to substitution sets whose membership is effectively fixed, with change occurring only over a long time-scale (typically longer than the lifetime of a single speaker). 793 02 pages 001-202 26 31/3/06 10:19 Page 26 A GLOSSARY OF SEMANTICS AND PRAGMATICS 3. Their main function is to articulate the grammatical structure of a sentence, and while most of them can be said to carry meaning, their meanings are typically basic and very general (see under grammatical meaning). ) cognitive linguistics An approach to the study of language structure and linguistic behaviour that has developed mainly since the 1980s.

A slight pause may signal a ‘transition-relevance place’, where the turn is offered to another participant. A speaker may start to say something, then change their mind about what to say; this is known as a ‘repair’. , which are not intended to interrupt the speaker’s flow, nor to take over the turn. Conversations are structured in a number of ways. g. g. ). Some turns form natural pairs, known as ‘adjacency pairs’. Examples of these are question and answer, greeting and response greeting, invitation and acceptance or refusal, and apology and acceptance or rejection.

Take the word dog. This word can be used to refer to certain things but not others. The set of things the word properly applies to is known as its ‘extension’, in this case, the set of all dogs (the term ‘denotation’ is sometimes restricted to this). However, the word also denotes the property or properties something has to have in order to count as a dog (we can think of this as the concept dog); this is called the ‘intension’ of the word (also sometimes called connotation). ) 793 02 pages 001-202 46 31/3/06 10:19 Page 46 A GLOSSARY OF SEMANTICS AND PRAGMATICS deontic modality see under modality de re vs de dicto interpretations An utterance like The prize cheque will be presented to the winner by the president of the company has two interpretations corresponding to two readings of the phrase the president of the company.

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