Advanced Nanotube and Nanofiber Materials by A. K. Haghi, G. E. Zaikov

By A. K. Haghi, G. E. Zaikov

This ebook provides the instruments of nanotechnology which may construct, photograph, and manage nanostructures to construct fabrics and units. It bridges the space among specific technical courses which are past the seize of non-specialists and renowned technology books, that may be extra technology fiction than truth. It presents a desirable, scientifically sound therapy, obtainable to engineers and scientists open air the sphere or even to scholars on the undergraduate point. This booklet concludes with a glance at a few state of the art functions and prophecies for the longer term. It builds an excellent history in characterisation and fabrication equipment whereas integrating the physics, chemistry, and biology elements. It makes a speciality of functions and analyzing engineering facets of nanotube and nanofibre fabrics.

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