Albanian folktales and legends by Robert Elsie

By Robert Elsie

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After a couple of bites, the dervish was full and the bear asked why he ate so little. The dervish replied that he had just eaten a huge mutton on leaving to get the water. ” When they arrived, the bear ordered his mother and sister to sharpen the axe because he wanted to kill his new friend to get away from him, since the dervish was stronger than he was. But the bear’s sister overheard everything and warned the dervish. After they had finished dinner, they all went off to sleep. But the dervish just pretended to go with them to the place where they slept and instead hid under a donkey’s saddle.

All the better. Or shall I give you the third one? She would be best. ” “No,” insisted the youth, “I want one of the wives. ” The king could not bring himself to give one of his wives up and said to the shepherd, “Let us wait for a moment. Before we decide, we’ll go through the rooms and see how they are decorated. ” So they got up and visited all the rooms. The Stirrup Moor had put the oven on and by the time they had gone through all the palace, it was very hot indeed. When they had seen all the rooms, the youth said, “Now, let’s have a look at the kitchen,” and they entered the kitchen where the oven was.

I have two teeth left, and I’m going to sink them into your hides. My master has just arrived and I would be ashamed of myself if I didn’t. ” The master understood what the two young dogs and the old one had said. The next morning he got up early to return home. ” The master replied, “Do as I have told you. ” So whether they wanted to or not, the shepherds had to kill the two young dogs and let the old one live. When they had been home for some time, the wife began to weep and lament. Every time the husband gave her a chore she would groan and refuse to do it.

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