Algebraic Semantics in Language and Philosophy by Godehard Link

By Godehard Link

The philosophical technique of this quantity is especially structuralist, utilizing logical instruments to enquire the formal constitution of varied types of items in our global, as characterized through language and as systematised by means of philosophy. This quantity customarily analyses the structural homes of collections or pluralities (with purposes to the philosophy of set theory), homogeneous items like water, and the semantics and philosophy of occasions. This booklet thereby enhances algebraic paintings that has been performed on different philosophical entities, i.e. propositions, houses, kinfolk, or events. positioned within the triangle of language, common sense and philosophy, this quantity is exclusive in combining the assets of alternative ?elds in an interdisciplinary firm. half the fourteen chapters of this quantity are unique papers, complementing the gathering of the author's formerly released essays at the topic.

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John and Paul are pop stars and George is a pop star, so John, Paul, and George are pop stars. b. *P (a 9 b) A PC =>• *P (a ® b ® c) Px: x is a child; Qx: x built the raft Px, Qx: dto. Px, Qx: dto. Px, Qx: dto. , Qx: x saw the raft Px, Qx as in (33); Q := Xx(Qx/\\/z(zUx -^ Qz)) a: Tom, 6: Dick; Px: x carried the piano upstairs (symmetry) (expansion) 22 (42) PLURALS AND MASS TERMS a. John, Paul, George, and Ringo are pop stars, so Paul and Ringo are pop stars. (see (28)) b. *P(a®b®c®d) ^ *P(b®d) a.

That means that the Hungarian plural suffix -k-, instead of being used with numerical modifiers, serves to form numerically unspecified aggregates only. In a sense, then, pluralization can have the semantic role of obliterating the lexically given number distinction. In many languages there is also an inverse syntactic process: Starting from a transnumeral noun expressing some indefinite, non-discrete unity,an appropriate affix leads to singulative forms which stand for individuated samples of that unity (cf.

So this predicate nominal is seen to be irreducibly plural. There is an important parallelism between sentences like (2) and the use of mass terms in predicative position. Compare 38 (5) PLURAL a. b. If the animals in this camp are horses and the animals in that camp are horses then the animals in the two camps are horses. If a is water and b is water then a and 6 taken together is water. 2 ). The rest of this section is devoted to the important topic of Bare Plurals (BPs). While in sentences like (lc) they are interpreted existentially BPs are most commonly used as subjects of generic sentences with quite a different meaning.

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