Amino Acids by John A. Sturman, Derek A. Applegarth (auth.), Alan A.

By John A. Sturman, Derek A. Applegarth (auth.), Alan A. Boulton, Glen B. Baker, James D. Wood (eds.)

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The sulfonyl chlorrde is subsequently condensed with a secondary amine to form a sulfonamide (Fig 8) that is analyzed on an OV-17 column. This procedure appears to be sensmve and specific for Tau. SOCl2 -I-BuOCOCl H2NCH2CH2S03H e A-BuOCONHCH2CH2S03 NaOH -I-BuOCONHCH2CH2SO2Cl Fig. 8 Derwatlzatlon nation, and amldatlon. e A-BuOCONHCH2CH2S02NR2 of Tau by lsobutoxycarbonylatlon, chlon- 8. Choice of Chromatographic Column There have been dramatic changes m the GC analysis of ammo acids over the last 20 yr.

1984) The molecular basis for the two different clmrcal presentations of classical pyruvate carboxylase deficiency Am J+ Human Genef. 36, 283-294. Romshe C A , Hllty M. , Kerzner B. and Remer C. B (1981) Ammo acid pattern m Reye’s syndrome. Comparison with clmrcally similar entitles J Pedraf 98, 788-790 Schaffer S. , and Kocsis J J , eds (1981) The Effects of Taurme OM Exckble Tmues Spectrum, New York. 26 Sturman and Applegarth Striver C. , Clow C. L , and Lamm I’ (1971) Plasma ammo acids Screenmg, quantitation and mterpretatton.

Introduction Amino acids are involved m many metabolic processes and m protein synthesis. , 1983; Fonnum, 1981, 1984). , 1983; Roberts, 1984), and the precursor roles of tryptophan m serotonin synthesis and of tyrosine and phenylalanine m the biosyntheses of catecholamines (Sved, 1983). It is not surprising, therefore, to see an ever-increasmg mterest in amino acid analysis in biological samples. Over the last decade, a considerable number of published manuscripts (in excess of 4000) have described thm layer chromatographic (TLC), ion-exchange chromatographic (IEC), gas chromatographic (GC), and high-performance liquid chromatographic (HPLC) separations of ammo acids.

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