Ancient and Modern Physics by Thomas E. Willson

By Thomas E. Willson

Those primary rules were chanced on and utilized long ago fifty years--in the reminiscence of the residing. they've got revolutionized technological know-how in all its departments. Our textbooks on Chemistry, gentle, warmth, electrical energy and Sound have needed to be completely re-written; and in lots of different departments, significantly in medication and psychology, they've got but to be re-written. Our textbooks are in a transition kingdom, each one new one going a step farther, to make the switch slow from the previous sorts of trust to the recent, in order that even Tyndall's textbook on "Sound" is now so antedated, or antiquated, that it will probably were written in darkest Africa ahead of the pyramids have been outfitted, rather than 20 years in the past.

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Ideality, the concept as “conceived,” “a cut-out” (“decoupage”) performed upon the world in order to give it contours, to structure it, will thus detach itself from subjective representation, despite that it may have its origins within the community of subjects, in what they share: similar bodies and brains from the start, in the same world, and all that which they build in common, in their common history. It is thus not a question of writing a history of individuals, but of tracing back the origin of an idea; not historicizing relativism, but a reference to history as an explication of mathematics January 12, 2011 9:34 World Scientific Book - 9in x 6in Mathematical Concepts and Physical Objects mathematics 25 our “being together in the world,” the locus of the active constitution of all our forms of knowledge.

First, the development of mathematics, then of physics, and of biology today, presents characteristics, which are sometimes similar, but often different, and which illustrate our cognitive capacities and their operativity in fields which stand among the most advanced; thus, the analysis of these developments provides an area of study and reflection which seems particularly adapted to our analyses and to the conceptual frameworks which we propose. The history of sciences such as those being conducted today demonstrate quite well, during the stages of their deployment, the extent to which, by means of various evocative metaphors as well as by thorough inquiries, these disciplines have served as a source of inspiration and as examples for the investigation of nature and of the modes of functioning of human cognition.

There, the mismatch between proof principles and construction principles revealed by the incompleteness theorems, to which Longo will need to return in his response, is no longer really a problem because the issue is no longer to make progression from the foundational coincide with the elaboration of structures. Nor does the recourse to impredicative definitions pose a problem, as we will emphasize, since the network in question is not meant to be conceptually hierarchized in the sense of set theories.

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