Armageddon Science: The Science of Mass Destruction by Brian Clegg

By Brian Clegg

An exploration of the terrifying threats to our global that fill today's headlines: from international warming epidemic to the specter of nuclear guns and the danger posed by way of the forefront units just like the huge Hadron Collider. Armageddon Science by way of Brian Clegg is every little thing you need to find out about strength man-made disaster.

Climate switch. Nuclear devastation. Bio-hazards. the big Hadron Collider. What do this stuff have in universal? all of them have the capability to finish our global. each nice medical production of guy is balanced via an equivalent volume of danger—as there's no development with out probability. Armageddon Science is an authoritative examine the true "mad science" at paintings this present day, that recklessly places lifestyles in the world in danger for the pursuit of information and private achieve. This ebook explores the truth of the hazards that technology poses to the human race, from the vintage worry of nuclear destruction to the most recent probabilities for annihilation. Combining the technological know-how in the back of these threats with an realizing of the genuine humans in charge in addition to delivering an review of the possibility of the tip of the area, this isn't a catastrophe motion picture, it's Armageddon technological know-how.

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