Asanga's Chapter on Ethics With the Commentary of by Mark Tatz

By Mark Tatz

This English translation of those Buddhist texts permit the reader to get a thought of Mahayana moral conception and ethical perform.

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This scarce antiquarian e-book is a facsimile reprint of the unique. as a result of its age, it will possibly comprise imperfections similar to marks, notations, marginalia and improper pages. simply because we think this paintings is culturally vital, we now have made it on hand as a part of our dedication for safeguarding, retaining, and selling the world's literature in cheap, prime quality, glossy variants which are actual to the unique paintings.

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Both refer to the opinions of Tibetans outside his own school whom he deems unworthy of at tribution. Candragom in, a layman of Nalanda whose life spanned the last three quarters of the seventh century, 3 8 composed a mnemonic verse sum m ary of the ceremony and code from the Chapter on Ethics, entit led Twen ty Verses on the Bodhisa t tva Vow . A corrrn entary to the TV by § ant arak�i­ ta (ninth century) is virtually a copy of the p assages o f the Bbh are sum m arized by Candragomin. § antarak�i t a ' s that rare alterations of the Bbh seem to be addressed to an audience not fully conversant with vina­ ya, and it is temp ting to suppose that he composed th e commentary, along with a text on monastic precepts, 3 9 for the edification of the first Tibetan monks, of whom he was preceptor.

99; Lamotte 1 94 9 : 8 6 1 , 7 1 . Demieville 1 9 5 2 : 1 62 , 1 64, 200. 72. Fragment described at T a t z 1 98 2 a : 3. On the antiquity o f the Bka '­ thang see Blondeau 1 97 1 : 40, Tucci 1 9 50 : 39-4 1 , Vostrikov 1 970: 2 2 6 - 2 9 , 2 37f. 73. LVP 1 9 6 2 , no. 6 3 3 :1 ; m icro film provided by the British Museum. Transli teration at Tatz 1 978 ch. 4, n. 1 07 . + 74. On Fa Ch ' eng see Ueyam a 1 9 6 3 , Inaba 1 977, Tat z 1 9 78a. 7 5 . See for ex. Thurm an 1 98 2 , Dhargyay 1 977. 76.

For correlation o f these with D bh s tages see Bbh ed. Dutt 40-41, D bh ed. Rahder App. 1 . 2 8 . v. "Bosatsukai"; E B 3 : 2 : 240-46 (summ ary by L u n g L ien o f the Chapter oil Ethics from the. four Chinese translations); Robinson 1 96 5 66; Python 1 97 3 , introd. 6 - 1 7; Sherburne 1 983, ch. 4. 29. Dharm asrI 2 8 3 . 2-4. According to P achow ( 1 9 5 1 : 5 9 ) , the contractions (uddana ) used as topic m arkers in the Bbh are a style found in the M Ulasarvastivada-vinaya . a m ong o ther texts; see also P anglung 1 98 0 .

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