Aspects of the Masculine by C. G. Jung, John Beebe

By C. G. Jung, John Beebe

The concept that of masculinity was once the most important not just to Jung's progressive theories of the human psyche, but additionally to his personal own improvement. If, as Jung believed, "modern guy is already so darkened that not anything past the sunshine of his personal mind illuminates his world," then it truly is necessary to convey each guy the boundaries of his realizing and the way to beat them. In Aspects of the Masculine Jung does this by means of revealing his most important insights about the nature and motivations of masculinity, either unsleeping and subconscious, and explaining how this impacts the improvement of the character. delivering a special viewpoint at the masculine, dependent upon either his own and scientific reports, Jung asks questions that stay as insistent as ever. He bargains solutions that--whether they shock, surprise or edify--challenge us to reassess our modern realizing of masculinity.

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When therefore a distressing situation arises, the corresponding archetype will be constellated in the unconscious. , possesses a specific energy, it will attract to itself the contents of consciousness—conscious ideas that render it perceptible and hence capable of conscious realization. , magical ceremonies, sacrifices, invocations, prayers, and suchlike. The aim of these ritual actions is to direct the libido towards the unconscious and compel it to introvert. If the libido connects with the unconscious, it is as though it were connecting with the mother, and this raises the incest-taboo.

The Spirit Mercurius,” Volume 13, Alchemical Studies, © 1967 Bollingen Foundation. ISBN13: 978-0-415-30769-7 (pbk) Extracts from other sources: “Lecture VIII, 13 March 1929, Dream [12]” and “Lecture V, 19 February 1930, Dream [23],” Seminar on Dream Analysis, © 1984 Princeton University Press. “Letter of 12 November 1957,” Volume II of C. G. Jung: Letters, © 1975 Princeton University Press. “Letter of 26 August 1943,” Volume I of C. G. Jung: Letters, © 1973 Princeton University Press. “The Houston Films” (© 1964 and 1976 Richard I.

Goddesses, unknown to mortal mind, And named indeed with dread among our kind. To reach them you must plumb earth’s deepest vault; That we have need of them is your own fault. FAUST: Where leads the way? MEPHISTOPHELES: There’s none! To the untrodden, Untreadable regions—the unforgotten And unforgettable—for which prepare! There are no bolts, no hatches to be lifted, Through endless solitudes you shall be drifted. Can you imagine Nothing everywhere? . . . . . . . . . . . . . Supposing you had swum across the ocean And gazed upon the immensity of space, Still you would see wave after wave in motion, And even though you feared the world should cease, You’d still see something—in the limpid green Of the calm deep are gliding dolphins seen, The flying clouds above, sun, moon, and star.

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