Barefoot in the Dark by Lynne Barrett-Lee

By Lynne Barrett-Lee

Do you think in fairytales? while wish Shepherd loses her coach whereas boarding the 8.42 into Cardiff, Cinderella could not be farther from her techniques. Painfully divorced, she's all out of daydreams - and it is not a pitcher slipper, in spite of everything. it truly is picked up, in spite of the fact that, via a Prince fascinating of varieties - DJ Jack Valentine, who is simply been divorced too. He appeals on his convey for the landlord to return ahead; a latterday princess being simply what he needs...Hope works as a publicist for the charity, Heartbeat, and is inspired via her boss to get Jack on board. a celeb endorsement is precisely what they are after, to elevate the profile in their upcoming enjoyable run. to date, so reliable; a fairytale starting - their mutual attraction's simply too powerful to disregard. yet this is often the true international, and those are broken humans. With either one of them made up our minds to not hazard one other heartbreak, is a happy-ever-after an most unlikely dream?

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Barefoot in the Dark

Do you think in fairytales? whilst desire Shepherd loses her coach whereas boarding the eight. forty two into Cardiff, Cinderella could not be farther from her strategies. Painfully divorced, she's all out of daydreams - and it isn't a pitcher slipper, finally. it really is picked up, notwithstanding, by means of a Prince captivating of types - DJ Jack Valentine, who is simply been divorced too.

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He considered for a moment. ‘Um. Let’s see. Let me grope for a word here. Sort of expected. Which is three, I know. But not messy. Let me think. Sad. Sad, mainly. ’ He frowned. ‘Very. ’ ‘They don’t. ’ He looked serious suddenly. ’ Hope shrugged. ’ She thought for a moment. ‘Oh, dear. Not to trust, I suppose. I wish I hadn’t. Had to learn that, I mean. It makes you feel so vulnerable. So, well, fragile. ’ He nodded sympathetically, and she felt suddenly selfconscious. And as if she’d been hoodwinked into saying too much.

It wasn’t a date, but, even so, Hope felt herself go a very mild shade of tingle upon hearing Jack’s voice behind her. So much so that when she finally managed to extricate him from her mother’s conversational clutches – Jack had been so sweet with her, Hope didn’t like to seem short – she determined to reign in her febrile imaginings and concentrate wholly on the job in hand. Though he, clearly, had other ideas. They set off down the street under the ample cover of his golf umbrella which, being blue, made it feel vaguely subterranean inside.

Must be the light, Hope decided. Or the wine. Or… well, something. ’ ‘Yes, but that was then. ’ ‘Now it’s sunk in, you mean? But you’re wrong. We should toast,’ he said, clinking glasses with her again. ’ Oh, dear, thought Hope. How did she respond to that? ‘We’re both here,’ he said quickly, as if reading her reticence. ‘Weary fellow travellers along life’s rocky road. So tell me,’ he asked her. ’ Hope had never expected to find herself talking about her divorce in those terms, least of all with a man she knew so little about.

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