In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome! by Ann Coulter

By Ann Coulter

Donald Trump isn't really a political candidate -- he is a one-man wrecking ball opposed to our dysfunctional and corrupt institution. we are approximately to determine the deluxe model of the left's favourite subject: Vote for us or we are going to name you silly. it is the operating type opposed to the smirking class.

Now Ann Coulter, along with her unique insight, candor, and humorousness, makes the definitive case for why we should all subscribe to his revolution.
The 3 greatest information tales of the 2016 presidential election were: Trump, Trump, and Trump. The media have twisted themselves in knots, attempting to snatch how he won over hundreds of thousands of Republicans and what he'd be like as president.
But Ann Coulter isn't really wondered. She understands why Trump used to be the single considered one of seventeen GOP contenders who captured the spirit of our time. She will get the facility of addressing the discomfort of the silent majority and announcing issues the "PC concept Police" considers unspeakable.

She argues bull within the china store is strictly what we need to make the US nice again.
In this strong ebook, Coulter explains why conservatives, moderates, or even disgruntled Democrats should still put aside their doubts and embrace Trump:

·He's placing the US first in our alternate offers and alliances, instead of pandering to our allies and enemies.

·He's deserted the GOP's decades-long dedication to a bellicose overseas coverage, at a time while the total nation is unwell of pointless wars.

·He's ended GOP pandering to Hispanic activists together with his hard-line coverage on immigration. operating category americans ultimately have a champion opposed to open borders and inexpensive overseas labor.

·He's overturned the media's conventional position in atmosphere the time table and defining who will get to be thought of "presidential."

·He's uncovered political experts as grifters and hacks, such a lot of whom do not know genuine citizens from a gap within the ground.

If you are already a Trump fan, Ann Coulter can help you safeguard and advertise your place. in case you are now not, she may perhaps simply swap your brain.

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Also, people who can’t take their kids to the San Francisco pier, who lost a leg at the Boston Marathon, and who are worried about their kids’ education because we have to educate Mexico’s children. Their message to the Charleses was: Please, go f___ yourselves. Or, for short, GO, TRUMP! He doesn’t parse policy papers. He sees illegals streaming across the border and, being a construction guy, says: Let’s build a wall. It works in Israel, it works in China, and it will sure work better than doing nothing.

It’s social climbing. The Republican Brain Trust is mostly composed of comfortable, well-paid mediocrities who, by getting a gig in politics, earn salaries higher than a capitalist system would ever value their talents. They were happy being the affable, loyal opposition. It was a good life being the Washington Generals to the Democrats’ Harlem Globetrotters. Some of them even had the respect of Jonathan Alter! They could make incisive comments on TV, write for their little magazines, and attend conferences on the Internet tax bill or health insurance “portability”—none of which will be relevant in a country where foreigners are outvoting Americans.

Loyal drones for the establishment were all together in their oligarchic globalist conspiracy against Americans. At this point, Rachel Maddow and Ted Cruz could be comfortable at dinner together. Hillary and Rubio would show up in matching pantsuits as Paul Ryan and Ben Sasse adroitly refilled the water glasses. Our political overlords say: We don’t know anyone who’s lost a job over a trade deal, and besides, that’s way less important than Mattress Girl.  . BUT THERE’S A WOMAN AT A MANHATTAN LAW FIRM WHO DESERVES TO MAKE PARTNER!

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