These are the current positions and opportunities available at White Fields:


Title: National Coordinator of Post Mormon Communities
Positions Available: One
Commitment: 12 Month renewable. Expected approximately 1-2 hour per week (see below).
Compensation: N/A
Reports To: Director of Post Mormon



The Coordinator of PostMormon communities will act as the central contact between all PostMormon local chapters and help provide the local community leaders with support. Additionally, the coordinator will manage the online directory of communities and ensure that individuals get referred to the local communities leaders to find local events and meetings. The coordinator will help maintain the chartering process and community standards and help get new communities up and running and ensure that existing communities continue to operate effectively.

****Individual Need not be located in SLC****

General duties include:

  • Maintain web-listing of communities and community contacts.
  • Help with the chartering process.
  • Coordinate local community needs and act as liason to White Fields.
  • Coordinate the appointment of local group leaders.
  • Manage and approve charters for local groups.
  • Help set guidelines for group rules of conduct.
  • Coordinate the purchase of materials or fees for local groups.
  • Assist groups in advertising and outreach.

To apply for any position, please send a resume and cover letter to John@whitefieldseducational.org.