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Membership Options


The White Fields Educational Foundation is a tax-exempt non-profit. The primary source for income is through donations to directly support the Foundation. There are four basic levels of membership:

  • $50 Basic ($5 Monthly)
  • $150 Sustaining Membership ($15 Monthly)
  • $500 Sponsoring Membership ($50 Monthly)
  • $1000 Executive Membership ($100 Monthly)

Alternatively, one can provide a one time donation of any chosen amount.

Where Does the Money go?:

For the basic $50 Membership, given our 2014 budget, this is the basic breakdown:

  • A portion goes to building the Endowment (see below)
  • A portion goes to covering on going operational costs. These include: Web Hosting, Internet fees, Sustaining the Community Center, & Covering basic administrative costs
  • Somes goes to contractor fees. White Fields has no “employees”. Rather, it pays for services as it goes and relies on a great deal of volunteer effort and time. Those things that are funded include: Web designers, Accounting, Writers, & Administration
  • And some goes to funding future initiatives

As donations increase, the operational costs don’t grow as fast as the potential future initiatives. So each additional donor gives us more creative muscle.

Self Sustaining Projects

It is the goal to make initiatives self sustaining. Podcast subscriptions, fees for counseling and other costs are there to make sure that our individual operations are healthy and not a drain on the overall mission of White Fields.

Member Benefits

  • Contribution to the endowment
  • Access to quarterly financial statements
  • Quarterly newsletter (email) to see what is going on
  • Supporting our community and others who have similar needs.
  • Acknowledging the value provided for you and your friends from past endeavors


All non-profits have the ongoing challenge of raising the funds to keep the lights on and paying the bills day to day. One way of accomplishing this is to build an endowment. An endowment is an savings of money that is not touched by the company to fund the day to day operations. Rather, the money is invested and only the interest from the investment is used. Needless to say, for this to be a workable model there needs to be a substantial amount of money in the endowment. We intended to grow this over time to be mindful of the future while maintaining the current operations. A portion of every donation will be added to the endowment to accomplish this.